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Sami ~♥♥
18 March 2012 @ 03:02 pm
How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?
Sami ~♥♥
25 December 2011 @ 04:05 am
I'm back. I didn't die.
I realise I haven't updated this thing in months but I have a Christmas tradition to up hold.

Hopefully next year I'll find the time for LJ again.
Until then you can follow my tumblr (Here) ... where I reblog random shit & sometimes that shit is my own.
Fandom related and not.

So... on to the Christmas shenanigans with Bob the Dalek and friends under cutCollapse )
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Sami ~♥♥
02 July 2011 @ 09:00 pm
To repeat what I said on twitter just now.

"Wishing my 2nd home a happy happy pride! Wherever your gay,bi,lesbian or trans, shine on and celebrate! #londonpride"

So London Pride is on today. I am of course still stuck in Australia at home in Sydney but seeing the posts from my UK friends on Twitter and Facebook made me get my pride hat on (well, my pride shirt and flag) and have a wander down memory lane.

I was lucky enough to go to London Pride last year.... and it was one of the greatest days of my life.
Now it wasn't perfect (nothing is) I did have a wee bit of a stress attack trying to find my UK friends at Trafalgar Square after the parade had finished due to the sheer amount of people.

What sticks in my mind however, is the experience of watching the parade with my 2 best friends and then marching in the parade with them. It was liberating and uplifting and made for such a memorable experience, especially due to the fact that I had only really just come out to myself (and to most of my friends as well) After all they both played a part in my coming to terms and finally understanding my sexuality in the first place, so that made marching with them in the London Pride parade (the town where my family comes from) all the more special.

It's something I'll never forget.

Of course I wish I was there today, but just thinking of the fun I had this time last year is enough for me.

Silliness in front of 221B Baker street with my besties.
The heat.
The parade.
The Prancing down the streets of central London wearing a tophat, a rainbow flag cape, holding my Adipose, who was wearing fairy wings.
Finding my UK friends in the crowd whilst in the parade.
The BBQ we had later that evening where I finally finding out what squash is (in Australia we call it cordial) and the teasing I got from my UK friends that night for my 'Australian-isms'.
Playing singstar with my UK friends with the added hilarity of the 'Naked' game (where you add the word Naked to the end of each line in a song)
Sleeping outside on a trampoline and seeing the North Star in the 1st time in my life.

Ahhh..... it was a very special day indeed. *wanders off down memory lane some more*
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Sami ~♥♥
17 June 2011 @ 04:27 pm
First! A very happy birthday to Arthur Darvill. You are bootiful! <3<3<3

Here at last, a wee post of squee for my neglected journal.

Tis convention eve, the eve of the highlight of my normal Australian bound convention year: Sydney Supanova.

And it's going to be totally awesome!

One short point through.... what is it with Gareth David-Lloyd, Australia and volcanoes? XD
Last year he was stuck in Australia due to the Icelandic volcano and this year he almost couldn't fly into Australia because of the Chilean volcano.
So despite yet another volcano deciding to explode and screw up air travel once more, he made it here (as well as all the rest of the guests this year including one James Marsters :DD)
I like it when volcanoes listen to me. ^_______^

Expect a squee filled report on my 30th convention eventually (along with every other con report I've been meaning to do)

Yes that's right... this Sydney Supanova is my 30th convention.
Blimey! That number makes me feel like such an old nerd.
Actually, with small 1 day cons included, the number is actually 33 but I'm don't counting those in the main list. (much like how people don't count Shada as an official numbered Doctor Who serial)

Of course my bears and Oliver the Adipose will be joining me, where my Ianto bear will meet his human. Fun times :D

Anyway I'm writing this entry like a ninja while at work so I'll wrap it up.
Let's just say I'm if I wasn't at work right now I would be bouncing off the walls.

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Sami ~♥♥
26 May 2011 @ 12:09 am
Happy Towel day!

BEHOLD! My amazing moo cow pyjamas bottoms!

Took this photo last Sunday in preparation of today when I was tidying my room. (and hence putting Marvin in storage) One day he will be in my living room like a suit of armour. One day.

I took my towel to work with me... where I didn't have the greatest of days (I'll spare you the details... see my twitter if you want to know) but my towel actually came handy for when I was caught in the rain on the way home. See! Always carry a towel!

Because of the shit at work (and Glee) this is a little late going up (in my timezone anyway) but perfect for everyone else in the world so here it is.

Speaking of.....
I'm going to miss my weekly happy sessions.
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Sami ~♥♥
03 May 2011 @ 02:10 am
A plea for some.... help, from all my female LJ friends.

I'm terribly new to this being bisexual thing so I'm a bit confused right now (not about being bi or not, that I know for sure) but about if what I'm feeling for a friend of mine is what I think it is.

I've always been a bit rubbish at this whole 'relationship' thing to begin with. My feelings often make no sense to me and I find it hard to know if and when I 'like' someone.
It's only happened to me a few times, both with men... but I think this is the first proper 'girl crush' I've had, so I'm confused.

This friend of mine; I've known her for quite a while, more closely since September 2010 and she lives near me and works in my local shopping centre so we see each other quite often.
She's also bi, and has been up, until very recently, dating another friend of mine, who's a lesbian.
We talk about things I don't often talk about with my other friends here (stuff like what's going on in our livies and how we're feeling *le gasp*) and I've really developed a good relationship with her, as friends. I've been there for her sometimes when she's feeling down and needing someone to hug her and talk to her (of course when we've seen each other) and I like it when we're together.

We do tend to be very touchy feely (holding hands, groping each other etc) but I'm like that with pretty much all my female friends and vice versa.

I ran into her on the bus the other day and she was cold so she straight away hugged me while I warmed her up (I don't really feel the cold anymore, apparently I'm really warm o.O). We stayed that way for the rest of the bus trip and it was really nice. I missed her when she had to leave, and now I find myself thinking about her all the time.

This happened and literally that night, she broke up with her girlfriend.
She's also moving to Perth (on the other side of the country) in June for a long (and unknown) amount of time.... so I know I'm insane for even thinking about this but I can't help it.

So what I'd like to know, first from my straight friends is: How do you feel towards your female friends?
Is what I described above sound like how you feel about your female friends?
And second, to my lesbian and bi friends: Does it sound like I fancy her? I think I do but I'm not 100% sure.
Or am I being desperate due to my utter lack of love life that I'm latching on to whatever is available?

Sorry for the post here but honestly, there's no one in my real life I can talk to about this... well, people in my time zone and who don't know the person I'm talking about.
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Sami ~♥♥
25 April 2011 @ 12:34 am
Sticking with my Welsh thing for hoildays on this LJ.
Pasg Hapus of course is 'Happy Easter' in Welsh.

I present you with Amy and the Doctor, pondering how all these colourful giant eggs found their way in front of the TARDIS.

Seriously, they are bigger than their heads!
And so so tasty :D

Needless to say, my diet has cancelled until Easter is over.
Also Doctor Who happened this Easter! So, as River would say....

SPOILERS ;)Collapse )
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Sami ~♥♥
02 April 2011 @ 05:44 pm
I come with new Doctor Who trailers.... spoilers ;)

BBC Trailer:

BBC America Trailer:

Can I proceed to freak out now?

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Sami ~♥♥
27 March 2011 @ 09:42 pm
Alas, not really... just seemed like a witty title.

First convention report of 2011 (and first on this journal) covers Armageddon (2 days) (Whovention will be next post).

So Armageddon was the last weekend of February, it was quite warm but luckily not hot and the venue had great air con. I wore my TARDIS dress and brought my bears "Doctor bear" and "Ianto bear" to their first convention.

The pre con usual. Cosplay in bag waiting at the bus stop, but with added 'bear-ness'
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Sami ~♥♥
12 March 2011 @ 01:15 am
How LJ how I've neglected thee.... seriously, I haven't checked my flist in over 2 weeks.
Just a brief updatey thing. Real life is taking preference right now, but things to look out for on here are:

♥ 30 days of Torchwood meme
♥ A love post on the War of the Worlds musical (because I HAVE to share the love)
♥ More Glee squee and update on the bi issue
♥ Photo spam of Armageddon con, Whovention, TARDIS dress & bears
♥ Musical Theatre love post
♥ Mardi Gra squee
♥ Relaunch of mindtherift
♥ More Cardiff photo spams
♥ And finally, I might actually make and post some icons again O.O

Life update under cutCollapse )
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